The Dutch Futures


The Dutch Futures is an initiative of The Dutch and the Made in Scotland Golf Professionals who have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in Amateur, Professional, Social and Corporate Golf dating back to the 1970’s. Together in 2001they formed the Corporate Golf Network Company “Made in Scotland” ( which is now responsible for hosting one of The Netherlands leading Corporate Networks. This was followed by the opening of “The Dutch” (  in 2011 which is now considered as the “Best Conditioned Golf Course” in the country and host to the 2016, 2017 and 2018 KLM OPEN.

The time has now come for the Golf Professionals to pass on their passion, experience and knowledge to the next generation by creating a new team of Golf Professionals and a new Corporate Golf Network for the Future.

The founders of The Dutch are aiming to make a valuable contribution to the future of golf in the Netherlands.

– Phil Helsby

Young top level Amateur and Professional Golfers with the ambition of becoming Tour Players and having a career in Professional Golf are being offered a unique Membership Program giving them the opportunity to play and practice on a daily basis with one another, compete in a competitive series of Events and receive support and coaching in business and personal skills. The Dutch Futures personal coaches will receive a warm welcome at The Dutch where they can continue to work with The Dutch Future and make use of the facilities. Parallel to this young “High Potential” Executives are being offered the opportunity to represent their company within a Corporate Golf Network Program. These two groups will complement one another setting the foundation for success and the sustainability of Dutch Golf for many years to come.

Winning a Major Championship, becoming a Ryder Cup Player or being a successful Playing, Club or Business Professional, Entrepreneur or High Level Business Executive are goal’s we want to see The Dutch Futures achieve during their careers.

Information for Sponsors, Supporters and Suppliers

To make it possible for The Dutch Futures to achieve their ambitions it takes more than just pure talent. To gain sufficient experience to make it to the top it’s essential that the players compete at the highest level possible on a regular basis. In the first few years this can be extremely costly as the return from prize money is not in line with the costs that are encountered by the players. These costs include Memberships, personal coaching, training, travel, communication and equipment. For this reason we have a wide range of possibilities for Companies and Individuals to support The Dutch Futures. In return the Companies and Individuals will receive the opportunity to select a suitable package of products that best suit their own wishes and requirements. The idea being that a win, win situation is created time and time again.

Our goal is to create a sustainable model for the financial support required for The Dutch Futures. Not only for the current generation of players but also for the future generations and especially to young talented players who may have less opportunities than others.

You could be a great help by supporting the “Birdie Plan” or one of the players directly. Should you be interested in supporting the Team instead of an individual that’s also possible. In return The Dutch Futures will be offering training and playing days, promotional activities and much more. Should you wish to entertain your friends or clients to a fantastic golf day, golf trip or golf event we will be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you personally.

For more information, please send an e-mail to